Welcome to the website of Project Calibrate

Project Calibrate is a 3-year project (from 2018-2020) jointly funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Gatsby Foundation and the Royal Society (Grant number: 209659/Z/17/Z). It involves a collaboration between the Department of Education at University of Oxford and AQA.

The aim of the project is to broaden the scope of practical science at Key Stage 4 level in England, so that pupils gain a better understanding of the wide variety of methods scientists use while conducting investigations. 

The site includes summative assessments, teaching and learning resources, professional development materials as well as outputs such as publications. 

Our approach:

  • Hands-on & minds-on practical science

  • Tests worth teaching to!

  • Systemic approach: Assessment design cycle, professional development, teaching and learning

  • Engagement with examiners, teachers, pupils, researchers in assessment and science education

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